About Us


Let our experienced team advice you on your internationalization processes.

We find the best opportunities for our clients.

We have been doing this since 2009, and we have gradually got a foothold in international trade, mostly due to the opportunities in consolidated emerging countries.

We are based in Barcelona, and we interact with our global base of trusted representatives and collaborators in many fields. This makes our structure highly specialized, solid and global, in order to offer a complete service in all areas of action.

Our goal and philosophy is to always provide the best solution to our clients, maintaining above all, effectiveness, confidentiality and exclusivity, which makes us stand out in our sector.

We are highly skilled in dealing with emerging countries (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Morocco, Algeria, etc.) although our services also cover traditional countries (France, Italy, United States, etc.).

Internationalization is our service and should be the motto of any company that looks to the future.