What we provide


Import and export

We perform total management, negotiation, purchase, sale, delivery and legalization (if necessary) of all types of products from emerging markets or countries, such as basic raw materials, finished products, manufacturing products, medical products, machinery, toys, electronics, food, textile, building materials, among others.

Patent and trademark control to protect copyright and licensing laws.

Entering new markets

  • Market research.
  • Clients/supplier search.
  • Market selection.
  • Analysis of opening costs abroad.
    • Company forms.
    • Tax management.
    • Partnership maintenance.
    • Bank account opening and management.

Business relocation

We will externally manage the process from beginning to end, providing your business with a high quality service and significant savings in management and execution. We can help your business establish operations in any emerging country, providing you with everything you need from the outset.

Market research

We can perform market research for your business or assist you and form part of your business structure for market research, interacting in all aspects thereof:

  • Feasibility reports.
  • Business plans.
  • Establishment abroad.
  • Distribution channels. Advertising and promotion.
  • Assistance in international fairs.
  • Logistics.