The advantages of working with us are


  • You will be kept well informed.
  • Preliminary action, decreasing risk and costs.
  • We will be your international and export department.
  • We exclusively represent your business in all potential markets in which it can be established, expanded or promoted.
  • We will establish contact with potential international customers, and we will then negotiate and visit them to sell your products or services to.
  • We will closely monitor the situation and provide you with a detailed report.
  • We will advise you on all kinds of documents, contracts, logistics, transport and international payment methods for before, during and after the entire import/export process.
  • We will assist in the signing of sale, purchase and distribution contracts.
  • We will provide professional quality control, which will help reduce your risks.
  • We will provide complete monitoring, including post-sale, mediating and resolving potential claims or disputes.